BT Solutions LLC



Job Coach

As a Job Coach BT Solutions help individuals with disabilities learn to accommodate, and perform their work duties. We will work with individuals one- on one and in small groups to achieve this goal. In addition to working on skills related to performing specific job tasks. we also help with interpersonal skills that is necessary in the workplace. The coach will assess the worker’s strengths and needs, including working with the individual both in and outside of the workplace. Before entering a place of employment, many individuals can benefit from specific training to help them learn what to expect in the work environment. In many cases the job coach may visit the place of employment to understand the requirements of the job and work environment. The job coach may also accompany the individual to the work site. This allows the coach to directly observe the abilities of the employee and any areas needing improvement. The employee is able to receive immediate feedback and assistance. While the benefits of a job coach to the individuals are evident, job coaches also benefit employers. By helping to support employees with disabilities, job coaches free up personnel time which would otherwise be needed for training and hopefully improve the experience for all involved.

Key Points

• As a Job coach we must be able to assist the job seeker in identifying personal interests, which lead to a job of choice in the community.
• As a Job coach must understand the business community and how individuals with disabilities add value to the workplace.
• As a Job coach we must identify workplace supports that assist the individual with a disability in becoming employed today instead of requiring the individual to get ready for a job someday!