BT Solutions LLC



BT Solutions offers maximum value, flexibility and convenience when it comes to your organization’s training needs. We provide on-site, on-your-schedule training that is customized to specifically target each participant. Our proven content, flexibility, and expansive, professional staff can offer the training and education that will allow each participant the opportunity to acquire new job skills and develop their careers as we work together to develop them in the workforce. Our Job Readiness Training is specifically designed to assist participants who are new to the workforce with gaining valuable insight on today’s job market. This four-day course offers fundamental skills required of all job applicants.

Interview Skills for the Interviewee
This one-day class provides a foundation in strategy, communication skills, professional etiquette and how to learn about your prospective employer.

Resume Writing
A fundamental program that teaches the tips and techniques for writing a well-designed resume.

Dress for Success
This class provides all the tools necessary to present a professional image at a first meeting and maintain a professional presence over time.

Computer Training
This fun and effective program teaches participants the basics of computer skills.

The result from these coaching sessions is to build on the training and reinforce new concepts.

Course Customization
All BT Solutions courses are tailored to meet each participants specific needs. We use real-life examples and exercises, as well as adapting to any time frame and narrowing or expanding learning objectives as necessary. Language and content of all materials are tailored to match each client’s needs. All classes can be adjusted as needed to half day, one-day or multi-day sessions per client’s request.

Training Delivery
• Pre-training: Tailoring and customization of content
• Delivery of training using lecture, small and large group exercises, case studies, role-plays, games, etc.
• Post-training: Follow-up within 30 days to review information, provide coaching, set goals, etc. (optional)

Supported Employment Training
Supported Employment services are on-going support services and other appropriate services that assist an individual in entering or maintaining integrated competitive employment, based on the individual’s needs as specified in their work plan for supported employment.

BT Solutions supportive employment training includes:

Intensive on-site job coaching which are required to assist a supported worker to learn his or her job duties and appropriate work site behaviors.
We insure stabilization which is the point when the supported worker has satisfactorily learned his or her job duties and the appropriate work behaviors that is required. At this time, we can reduce our job coach interventions. However, remember we are only a phone call away.
On-Going Support Services are provided from job stabilization placement until transition to extended services.
Extended services are provided after the time support services are completed and consist of those services needed to support and maintain the individuals’ employment on going.